I find extreme joy in stumbling onto Inteche's musical works. I was first introduced to his incredible track (in my opinion) "Ícaro de sanación" this past October (…/1-icaro-de-sanacion-by-intiche…). Sometimes, when life feels so busy and stressful, I forget that I am a spiritual being, I forget my being-ness is more than just bodily experiencing and an overthinking mind. Inteche's music empowers me to remember my spirit and how it sits so perfectly within every cell of me and within the universe all at once. "Ícaro de sanación" was my introduction to his magic and tonight, he sends me full body and spirit into musical bliss with "Nuestra Madre Tierra". I am so grateful. Thank you.

100% Intiche way: this album is an ode to the land, to the deep Native-original America, a tribute to the ancestral spirit. walking sampladelia in different rhythms and different folklores. A journey. — Cassette Blog

Wow that just tickled all of my 15 chakras. Thank you bro @Intiche for sharing your healing magic! (about live set in riga; Letland at 26 feb- ´17)


Hi! Your music is pure love, thank you for that! yesterday you made spirits shake to the bone.  beautiful art/music! Hugs!!