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La Ruta del Trompe

A very nice almost 8 months working Composing, Producing and Sound design music for the documentary series “La Ruta del Trompe”, which whore released in December 2015 on Chilean TV and on their Youtube channel (

La Ruta del Trompe is a wandering journey around the world that strives to find the origins of the „Jew’s Harp“ or „Trompe“ in Mapundungün (Mapuche language), and shows the artists and cultural aspects along the way.

Every episode is an actual song, it has original “electro nativo” beats and melodies; the lyrics will be composed and performed by talented and renowned rappers from the Chilean hip-hop scene.

Website La Ruta del Trompe




It is a comunity of Circo Aereo Acrobatico from diferent several companies and artists of performing arts aerial choreographys to interact with the public with live music. Up to sixteen artists "fly" from an original structure creating figures, sculptures of bodies in motion.

The eterfeel fest: It's an incredible experience, a ritual connecting music, bodies and ether.

Connects Art with the city.

Connects Music with the Movement and Movement with music.

Connect a show with the mass audience in a real way.

Connect the aesthetics of the electronic parties with an aerial dance.

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